About us

In the past everyone use to secure their valuable assets with primitive equipment, time after time the development of new ideas was processing fast and manufacturer’s around the globe was increasing continuously, the next day you will find new products in the market and new solutions for the end users.

During all those times, the end-user required someone to keep him up to date and to upgrade his equipments whenever it is possible, and that’s where our role comes.

Adaptex Security Equipment Co. established and grown up behind all those manufacturing leaders, we take the best of the best, integrate them and deliver them to the end user. We take in consideration full integration of the existing legacy systems, while providing the user new features, new possibilities with no limitations of his imaginations.

Our point of strength is our knowledge which you can’t find anywhere else, we work like no others, we think like no one else, we achieve the impossible; we translate your thoughts into practical solutions.

We are a partner that you can rely on; we are the experts that you can trust.